Creative solutions

Decorative lighting

Lighting as varied as it is original, from designer lamps of recognized brands to locally produced handcrafted lamps that allow customization of sizes, shades, wiring, lighting and accessories. In addition, we can solve complex installation problems.

Natural textiles

Linen, cotton, cashmere or merino, soft or textured, in intense colors or natural tones. We offer an extensive collection of textiles for beds, sofas, chairs, curtains, cushions, armchairs and even lamps. We take care of everything from taking measurements to installation, including advice on the choice of material and color.


They provide structure and functionality to the space, occupying a very important visual area. That is why we take care of the details but also the shape, materials and tonality. It is important that the final piece of furniture integrates and adapts to the space.

Customised projects

Feeling accompanied throughout the process makes all the difference. From design and manufacturing to transportation and final assembly.


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We are waiting for you to bring your projects to life. We would love to hear from you and encourage you to take the first steps.

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